Product List

Silk Two Ply Blanket

We use "penny silk" which boasts a high rank among silk.
Skilled craftsmen further rank up by maximizing the goodness of silk.

Even one piece is enough for a luxurious combination of two sheets.

Cashmere Blanket

Weight reduction is achieved by using very thin and soft cashmere yarn.
Without damaging the original warmth of cashmere,
I finished it with a soft and light feeling.
Cashmere is also excellent in moisture absorption and divergence,
so you can have a comfortable sleep without worrying about stuffy.

It is a gem that skilled craftsmen carefully finished one by one from weaving to processing.

Silk Satin Night Cap

By wrapping your hair with silk, your hair will be smoother the next morning.

"My hair came back to life!" It is a very popular hair care product.

"Mother Touch Brushed" Silk Sleeping Pad

Adopting the one and only technology "Mother Touch Brushed" inherited from the previous generation.

It combines high heat retention, moisture absorption, and moisture release,
The luxurious touch and elegant luster lead to a comfortable sleep.

Silk Cotton Blanket

A mixed blanket of supple silk and fluffy cotton.
It is a gem that blends cotton with excellent moisture absorption and silk's luxurious touch.
A veteran brusher made full use of his technology and finished it glossy and soft.

It is made of silk cotton, so you can wash it at home.

Top quality Silk Blanket

Using carefully selected raw materials.

The finest gem packed with technology and sensibility cultivated in Takiyoshi's 50-year history.
It's so light that you forget what you're hanging,
The fluffy touch is full of luxury.

"Hometown Mastery of the Year 2016 Excellence Award Winner"
"Osaka brand certified products"