Takiyoshi’s presistence

From ancient times, silk was brought over the Silk Road.

Because of its comfort to wear, silk is loved by many people and holds an indisputable position. Also silk, natural fabric, has not only its beautiful glossy and brilliance of the color but excellent functions, such as thermos, highly hygroscopic and antimicrobial, to protect our skins.
As a specialist of processing silk, we always have developed, produced and provided high quality products. We will proceed with development and processing of new products to meet various needs from customers and form partnership of trust through our products.
Now the trend of productization proceeds in textile industry and customers need real and healthy products. Making the best of the know-how gained form years of processing silk and network of planning, production and sales, Takiyoshi has deployed positive business through corroborations with leading companies and designers
New business style of silk industry comes from Takiyoshi.