Of the new silk industry
Business style
Born from Takiho

Silk Queen of Textiles

Queen silk of textiles that has been passed down since ancient times.
A long time ago, silk spread to the world through the Silk Road.
Silk is the finest and longest natural fiber
Creates a soft touch and a warm touch.
Using the finest raw materials among such silk fibers, not to mention the softness
It is a fiber with excellent luster, moisturizing feeling, moisture absorption, moisture release, and chargeability.
A product that brings together technology and perfection by craftsmen who have inherited tradition.

Line up

Quality recognized by European apparel makers

Five Meister

Meister supporting Takiyoshi Quality

High quality raw materials, precise weaving process
Skilled dyeing, reliable sewing
In those processes, determine the unique feel of the blanket
There is a process called brushing.
Fluff through a blanket over the needle
A craftsman called "brusher"
I am in charge of that delicate work.

The smoothness of the blanket is determined by the brusher's arm

It's no exaggeration to say
The brusher of Takiho Co., Ltd. is a skilled worker on this road.

The history of Izumiotsu weaves
Please check the quality of first class blankets.

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